About Us

We remain ahead of the latest trends in health care, continually evaluating new technologies to help members diagnose illness early—and turn back the clock on aging. At every stage of life, Fountain Life will empower our members to drive their own wellness journey.

Our Mission

To transform the current healthcare system into one that is both proactive and data-driven, enabling us to boost longevity and catch and treat illnesses earlier than ever before.

Our Credo

We believe that humanity is in the midst of a healthspan revolution.Converging exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence, genomics, CRISPR, gene therapy, cellular medicine, and sensors are allowing us to understand why we age — and perhaps how to slow, stop, and even reverse aging.

We concur with experts who predict that breakthroughs we make today will enable us to add decades onto the human healthspan.

Our mission at Fountain Life is to maximize the health and vitality of our members using advanced diagnostics to catch diseases before they manifest, enabling members to stay healthy and implement the longevity breakthroughs racing towards us before they show signs or symptoms.

We seek to extend member healthspan through “functional medicine-based protocols” plus a 150 Gb “Upload” of imaging, genetic and blood-related diagnostics. Our goal is to reliably predict and detect future diseases, thereby stopping and ultimately reversing its progression. The tools and technology of longevity already exist, and we’re utilizing them to return our members to peak performance.


Our Team

Fountain believes that there is no substitution for a brilliant and thoughtful medical team delivering healthcare services. As such, we have developed an innovative care model, utilizing a vertically integrated, 6-person ‘healthcare team’. Each Fountain Member is supported by a Concierge Physician, Nurse Practitioner, and a group of four health care coordinators and coaches.

These teams are trained to the highest standards at Fountain University in accordance with A4M, the Functional Medical Institute and other cutting edge partnerships.

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