Early Detection is Key to Winning

October is breast cancer awareness month and a reminder of how critical proactive steps are for early detection and not only winning the fight against disease but thriving.

The American Cancer Society reports that 13% of women develop breast cancer at some point in their lives, which means 1 in 8 will get breast cancer. However, with proactive care, including early detection, only 1 in 39 women will die from this devastating disease.

For breast cancer, this requires getting an annual breast cancer screening for all women beginning at age 40.

Early Detection is Vital

The best way to beat cancer or any disease is through preventative medicine. For breast cancer, this requires getting an annual breast cancer screening for all women beginning at age 40. Yearly screenings can detect tumors and lesions early to take corrective action to ensure the best outcome.

This proactive approach is one of the few ways we can ensure our long-term health. Women with a family history of cancer should begin mammograms early. Additionally, proactive care includes genetic screenings, which can help identify gene mutations. Experts estimate between 5% and 10% of diagnoses are hereditary. You can’t change your predisposition to breast cancer, but you can detect it early.

This breast cancer awareness month, take action to do your part in winning the battle against cancer by getting an annual screening. A mammogram is a type of X-ray that uses low-dose radiation to look for abnormalities inside the breast.

Proactive Health: Wellness Tips to Live Long and Prosper

Proactive health is the best approach to ensuring our long-term wellness. When you’re aware of your body and looking for warning signs, it’s easier to take action before the condition progresses. Here are some proactive steps you can take to live a long, happy life free from disease.

Stay Active

Make exercise a priority in your life. Exercising releases endorphins boosts energy, and can help maintain a healthy weight. This step is essential to ensure good heart health, which reduces the risk of disease.

Eat Smart

Proper nutrition is critical for good health. Make sure to eat healthy meals and snacks every day and make the right choices. Limit your intake of processed foods and eat lots of vegetables.

Stay Positive

It’s never healthy to dwell on the negatives in life. Instead, make an effort to stay happy and surround yourself with positive people. Yes, it can be difficult, especially when struggling with cancer or other debilitating diseases. However, studies have found that a positive attitude can significantly impact your health and well-being.

Get regular health check-ups

It’s crucial to know your family history. If your parents, grandparents, or other relatives have battled cancer or heart disease, you may be at a greater risk yourself. Regular check-ups are essential for the early detection of disease, and this simple step can save your life by catching symptoms before they turn into serious problems.

You might also consider more proactive methods like Fountain Life’s Full Body MRI, which can help with the early detection of several illnesses and diseases, such as heart and vascular disease, stroke, cancer, joint disorders, breast disease, and neurological conditions. Unfortunately, this procedure is often performed by physicians after it’s already too late.

At Fountain Life, we believe in PROACTIVE rather than reactive medicine. We want to catch diseases before they’ve planted roots, which results in lower medical costs and higher survival rates.

Take the PROACTIVE approach and take back control of YOUR health.