Fountain Life Leads at Lake Nona Impact Forum

Anchored by a health and life sciences district known as Medical City, Lake Nona has become home to many of the world’s foremost companies. Its corporate residents include the Chopra Foundation, Johnson & Johnson, Fountain Life, HCA Healthcare, the University of Central Florida, Nemours Children’s Hospital, among others. As Lake Nona continues to develop, its creators aim to attract the industry’s brightest thought leaders for in-depth conversations on building the well-being ecosystem of the future. 

This year’s Lake Nona Impact Forum ignited thought-provoking discussions aimed at cultivating the Wellbeing Ecosystem of the Future. Through deep dives into the convergence of health, wellness, and cutting-edge advancements in medicine and science, the forum explored pathways to optimize human performance. 


Dr. Bill Kapp’s Captivating Interview with Shaun White  

As the curtains drew on this year’s event, the stage was set for a riveting conversation between Fountain Life CEO, Dr. Bill Kapp, and the legendary 3-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Shaun White. White reflected on the challenges he conquered throughout his career, shedding light on the mental hurdles and physical injuries he persevered through. Beyond his individual triumphs, White shared how his visionary brand, Whitespace, is inspiring young athletes to do the same.  

Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White with Dr. Bill Kapp


Longevity Moonshots with Peter Diamandis 

Is there an upper limit to human aging?  Fountain Life Co-Founder, Peter Diamandis, gave insight into his perspective on human longevity and health expansion by sharing just how we can all live vibrantly at 100 or even 120 years old. What’s the answer? Diet, exercise and most importantly, the early detection of diseases.  

Peter Diamandis at the Lake Nona Impact Forum on Longevity

AI Is changing the landscape of medicine; we’re now able to detect diseases at stage 0 where it is highly treatable and reversable. By doing so, we can extend our health span and, in turn, our lifespan. 

Fountain Life stands at the forefront of this evolution, championing AI’s integration to not only treat but also anticipate health needs, shaping a new paradigm in wellness. 

Amidst the electrifying exchanges and intuitive discussions at this year’s Lake Nona Impact Forum, attendees were treated to a captivating array of insights and innovations. From the revelations by Peter Lee, PhD, of Microsoft Research, unveiling OpenAI’s ChatGPT4, to the visionary female leaders from MIT Media Lab redefining the landscape of women’s health with groundbreaking innovations, the forum buzzed with inspiration and possibility. Notably, BLUE ORIGIN founder Jeff Bezos engaged in a fireside chat with NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, offering a glimpse into the future of space exploration. The event also featured the expertise of multiple Emmy award-winning Sanjay Gupta MD, enriching the event with his invaluable perspectives. As the forum unfolded, it served as a testament to the power of collaboration and visionary leadership in driving positive change across diverse domains.