Fountain Life Presents Simone Biles Award at Global Wellness Summit

Fountain Life at the Forefront of Global Wellness

At Fountain Life, we are not just participants but leaders in shaping the future of health, particularly in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our engagement in the Global Wellness Summit (GWS) highlights this commitment. The GWS is a unique platform that unites experts and innovators across various sectors of the global wellness economy. The Global Wellness Summit (GWS) is an annual four-day meeting where leaders from business, government, academia and science come together to shape the interconnected world of wellness.

A lightning rod for innovative thinking, ground-breaking research and powerful, productive networking, the Summit joins together the leading minds in the business of wellness and prevention across all eleven sectors of the multitrillion dollar wellness economy. Held in a different location each year, the GWS is the event where relationships are forged, investments are made, and business gets done.

Simone Biles Presented with Debra Simon Award

An exceptional moment was marked by the presentation of a distinguished accolade to Olympic Gold Medalist, Simone Biles. Fountain Life CEO, Dr. Bill Kapp, had the honor of recognizing Biles for her extraordinary commitment to advancing health and personal welfare. The Debra Simon Award symbolizes the pinnacle of dedication to well-being, a distinction Simone Biles personifies to the fullest.

Dr. Kapp expressed, “The individual we honor today exemplifies how passion and dedication can truly galvanize the world. Simone Biles, through her brave choice to value mental health alongside her illustrious career, has redefined the essence of success. Her actions prompt a pivotal reflection on the importance of personal well-being as the cornerstone of professional brilliance and societal contribution.”

Global Wellness Summit - Simone BIles

Artifical Intellegence in Healthcare: Dr. Kapp’s Dialogue with The Chopra Foundation’s Poonacha Machaiah

A transformative dialogue at the Global Wellness Summit featured Dr. Bill Kapp and Poonacha Machaiah from The Chopra Foundation, who examined AI’s emergent role in proactive healthcare in longevity and maximizing healthspan. They spotlighted Fountain Life’s approach to health management, using AI for early disease detection through advanced scanning technologies. This shift from reactive to proactive care is a cornerstone of Fountain Life’s mission.

Machaiah highlighted the potential for AI to personalize healthcare, enhancing the patient experience and improving outcomes. This synergy between technology and healthcare expertise is leading us into a future where well-being is not just managed but optimized.

Fountain Life stands at the vanguard of this evolution, championing AI’s integration to not only treat but also anticipate health needs, shaping a new paradigm in wellness.

The Wellness Moonshot: The Bottings’ Personal Testimony

See Tony Robbins Message to the Global Wellness Summit: HERE

The recent Global Wellness Summit was marked by a deeply personal narrative brought forth by Chris and Jennifer Botting, who joined us as guests to share their remarkable story in person. Their firsthand account underlined the transformative power of preventative health, a core mission of Fountain Life. Chris’s life was notably changed when our advanced screening protocols detected kidney cancer early enough to intervene effectively, showcasing the lifesaving potential of proactive healthcare.

Their candid discussion, which was part of a session with former US Surgeon General Richard Carmona, brought to life the objectives of the Wellness Moonshot—a global initiative committed to “A world free of preventable disease.” The Bottings’ experience is a resounding echo of this vision, demonstrating the tangible benefits of early detection and personalized health strategies.

Tony Robbins, our esteemed founder, provided a poignant introduction for the Bottings, amplifying the message of hope and the critical importance of preventive care. His words set the stage for a touching revelation of the couple’s journey with Fountain Life, and their story served as a live testament to our collective aspiration for a healthier world, free from the grasp of preventable ailments.

The Bottings’ presence at this year’s summit not only gave a face to the statistics but also imbued the event with a profound sense of purpose, reminding all participants of the life-changing—and life-saving—impact of proactive health.

Live. Work. Play. Thrive!

Todd Shaw, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Fountain Life lead a Knowledge Workshop to share Fountain Life’s competencies in real estate and mixed used developments. Todd shared Fountain Life’s vision and action in this space – the future of healthcare is at home and in the gap between medical and wellness.

Todd Shaw Life Work Play Thrive

The Global Wellness Summit in 2024 will be located at St. Andrews, Scotland