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We’re excited to announce the exclusive launch of Fountain Life’s CORE membership with Invited. For a limited time, Club Members are eligible to receive a free DEXA scan with the purchase of a yearlong CORE membership.

Add healthy years to 
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With a membership to Fountain Life CORE, you’re not just managing your health, you’re optimizing it for a longer, healthier future.

Hear from David Pillsbury,

CEO at Invited

“Imagine a future where health is not just
managed, but optimized… That future is here with
Invited and Fountain Life leading the way.”

What’s included in the CORE membership?


What’s included in the CORE membership?

Fountain Life CORE is a yearlong, premium health optimization membership. There’s something every month and for every moment in between. During the course of the year, you’ll get:

4 blood-based biomarker panels

4 televisits with a longevity physician

4 sessions with a health coach

A world-class mobile app experience

A personalized health optimization plan

Future access to Fountain Life Centers for a la carte diagnostics

For a limited time, sign up for CORE and receive a free DEXA Scan at one of our Fountain Life Centers in Texas or Florida.

What is a
DEXA scan?

DEXA is a specialized scan that provides information about the health of your bones and your overall body composition.

Muscle is pivotal to longevity and overall quality of life and detecting early muscle loss is essential to achieve optimal health.

With a Fountain Life membership, you’ll work with a longevity physician who will help you understand your results and put a plan in place to enhance your bone and muscle health.