Private Club Partners With Fountain Life

NAPLES, Fla., Nov. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fountain Life, a company focused on democratizing access to preventive and proactive healthcare, announces their partnership with Bonita Bay Club, the first private club to offer its members easy access to life-saving diagnostics through a white-labeled app and website powered by Fountain OS. Fountain Life searches the world for emerging health-related technologies. By utilizing partnerships with world-class doctors, scientists and age management pioneers, they are able to showcase breakthrough biotech technologies that leverage cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and data collection to see inside the body in innovative ways.

Masses or abnormalities that would have previously gone unnoticed can now be caught in their earliest phases when intervention is still highly effective. These life-saving precision diagnostics services can be ordered through a high-touch, white-glove operating system aimed to make ordering biotech as simple as ordering a rideshare.

New diagnostics and therapeutics are coming to market at an exponentially increasing rate. These technologies are FDA approved, but typically not covered by insurance. Fountain OS’s white label biotech commerce engine allows virtually any business to offer their customers access to, and the ability to shop for, life-saving tests and devices from one, easy-to-use app and web experience. Launching initially with an AI-enhanced Coronary CT Angiogram (CCTA) scan, this virtual “Biotech Bar” will introduce a catalog of patient journeys spanning the top 10 conditions that impact health span and lifespan today.

Through these virtual storefronts, patients can access otherwise unattainable health, wellness, and fitness products and services. The platform sends a customer on an automated sequence of events, such as telehealth appointments or refill reminders ­- yet always backed by a live concierge. Fountain OS empowers any business, from medical practices to country clubs, to create their own, white-labeled “Biotech Bar” and offer breakthrough live-saving diagnostics to their customers and community. “Our goal is to save lives by making the most cutting-edge diagnostics available at the click of a button,” says Dr. William Kapp, CEO of Fountain Life.

The initial focus on CCTA is based on the fact that heart attack remains the number one cause of death in North American adults. Forty-eight percent of adults are walking around with potentially fatal coronary artery disease – and 60 percent of these people show no warning signs before a heart attack. Often referred to as the “mammogram of the heart”, CCTA detects high-risk soft plaque on the arteries. In a recent study, three out of 10 patients who completed a CCTA, found life-threatening conditions including critical artery stenosis, aneurysm, or abnormally high levels of high-risk, soft cholesterol plaque in the coronary walls.

As the first private club to introduce a “biotech bar” under the Fountain OS white-label app, Bonita Bay Club (located in Bonita Springs, Florida) saw an unparalleled opportunity to offer its members an elevated experience that bridges the gap between fitness and healthcare. Recognizing that exercise and disease aren’t exclusive to one another, Bonita Bay Club was first-in-line to share this elite program to their membership, increasing access to innovative FDA-approved products and services.

The program is now available on all smartphone platforms, offering club members a valuable extension to their existing club membership. It will be officially launched at an upcoming club event on November 30.

“For years, fitness clubs have been focusing on what you see in the mirror. Fountain OS’s Biotech Bar allows us to concentrate on what you can’t see – what’s inside. Our members want more than just fitness – they are looking for a more holistic approach to wellness. This shift towards physical and mental wellness has elevated what our members want access to with a club/membership.

As leaders in wellness, it’s our role to bring the right solutions and technology to improve the quality of life for our members. We believe the Fountain OS Biotech Bar offers superior diagnostic tests to anything else on the market,” shares Bonita Bay Club Director of Fitness Tammy Mugavero.

About Bonita Bay Club
Situated in the heart of Bonita Bay between Fort Myers and Naples, Bonita Bay Club is a renowned and award-winning private golf and sports club defining Southwest Florida’s active lifestyle with unrivaled sports, social, and leisure amenities. Featuring endless acres of walking and biking paths, onsite fitness, spa, dining facilities, and a marina with access to the Gulf of Mexico, Bonita Bay Club has been named among “America’s Healthiest Clubs” and designated as Top 10 for all Fitness and Wellness centers in the United States by Club Resort Business.

About Fountain Life
Fountain Life brings together the world’s most renowned medical and health experts to boost longevity and performance – putting health back in healthcare. Fountain Life does this by utilizing cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) to collect data and gain insights into the human body that have never been possible before.

Fountain Life’s data-driven approach enables them to find illnesses including cancer, cardiac, metabolic, neurodegenerative disease early before they can cause harm. As a result, members operate at peak performance throughout their life; with the aim that they will feel as healthy and vibrant at 100 as they were at 60. Learn more at

About Fountain OS
Fountain OS is one of the world’s first biotech commerce engines providing businesses with the opportunity to showcase and offer the most cutting-edge diagnostics for their customers as a white-labeled “biotech bar.” Businesses can support customers’ personal health journey through a personally branded operating system that allows them to purchase tests that can detect illnesses including heart disease and cancer earlier than ever before possible. Fountain OS aims to save lives by making preventative medicine accessible everywhere.