Traditional testing misses 70% of all sudden heart attacks.

Heart attacks are responsible for almost 35 percent of all deaths in the United States. One of the reasons cardiovascular disease is so deadly is that the medical system’s current, traditional methods of detection miss 70 percent of all patients who will suffer a heart attack, mistakenly labeling them “low risk.”

The Current System of Cardiovascular Disease is Flawed

“The current approach to cardiovascular care is flawed for two reasons,” says Dr. James Min, Director of the Dalio Institute of Cardiovascular Imaging at New York Presbyterian, board-certified cardiologist and founder of Cleerly.

  1. An emphasis on symptom-driven care that identifies only late-stage cardiovascular disease.
  2. A lack of personalized and standardized care for coronary artery disease diagnosis and treatment.

“The end result is an approach that leaves too many high-risk patients undiagnosed because they don’t present with stereotypical symptoms,” says Dr. Min.

A report in the Journal of American College of Cardiology estimates there are several million adults with concerning symptoms of heart disease who are excluded as being at a serious risk of heart attack because the current classification systems are heavily focused on obstructive coronary heart disease criteria.

We need to accurately assess present-day risk by identifying newer, soft plaque that is prone to rupture.

Think you’re too young for a heart attack?

The average age of a sudden, fatal heart attack is only 50 years of age.

Fountain Life’s AI Coronary Artery Scan Solution

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Because this technology focuses on present-day risk, rather than responding to symptoms it also reduces unnecessary, invasive procedures by up to 87 percent.

Don’t Guess About Your Heart Health

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