APEX from Fountain Life

APEX Membership From Fountain Life

Taking care of your health doesn’t just benefit you. Your health is important to your loved ones who want you to live long and live well.

Fountain Life programs are designed to help you do just that – extend your lifespan and healthspan – with advanced diagnostics and personalized treatment plans that detect and prevent major illness before it manifests as symptoms.

Our Chief Medical and Science Officer, Dr. Helen Messier, spoke with us about how one Fountain Life program, the APEX membership, provides members with the kind of proactive healthcare that can find and detect disease and lead to increased performance and vitality.

Personal, Preventive, Proactive Care

APEX is Fountain Life’s yearlong program that addresses the top causes of morbidity and mortality: cardiovascular disease, cancer, metabolic disease and neurocognitive disease. APEX does this with a series of diagnostic tests that combine the latest, scientifically vetted preventive methodologies with the personalized attention of a team of longevity healthcare professionals.

APEX starts with brain and body scans – like EKG, MRI and CCTA – and blood and urine tests that detect the presence of disease as well as assess your risk for developing life-limiting disease. These procedures can detect the early signs of cancer, pulmonary embolism and cardiovascular trauma even before symptoms present. This allows you to get preventive and restorative treatment before your medical condition becomes more serious.

But the APEX membership doesn’t stop there. The next level of testing provides a more comprehensive look at your disease risk, not just the presence of disease. As Dr. Messier notes, “we look at those 4 biggest risks of death and disability, but we go deeper and look at maybe why you have those… in additional testing that looks at not just the what, but the why.”

The “why” entails obtaining genetic information for diseases like heart attack, dementia and various forms of cancer, and accessing your risk of developing these conditions. This advanced level of testing combines genetic information found in your organs and bloodstream to statistics on disease incidence using AI tools. This allows for disease prevention through medical treatment and/or lifestyle modification.

The preventative aspect of APEX is its most compelling, as our existing healthcare system is predicated on treating diseases that you have, rather than preventing disease outright. Dr. Messier emphasizes that “you want to find those early because those take a long time to develop, and by the time you have symptoms for any one of those 4 diseases, it’s really late and it gets very difficult to do something about it. But if you find them earlier, it’s much easier.” With APEX, you can trust that you’re finding disease and illness at the best stage for treatment.

APEX is More Advanced Than Your PCPs Office

You may be thinking that blood tests and scans in your primary care physician’s office can give you the same information provided by the APEX program. While your primary doctor may order bloodwork and body scans for you with an annual physical, they cannot provide the level of technology and advanced analysis that is possible with the tools used in APEX.

Many of APEX tests integrate artificial intelligence, using AI tools to get a more detailed view of your test results, and enabling us to analyze your test results in comparison with millions of data points from other individuals. This process makes testing more accurate, which gives you a greater chance of targeting precisely what and where disease may lurk in the body.

AI Overlay and Analysis is Available for the Following APEX Tests:

  • Full body and brain MRI
  • Coronary CTA
  • Low-dose lung CT
  • Retinal scan
  • Skin cancer screen
  • Early cancer detection blood test
  • Genetic blood testing
  • Whole genome sequencing
  • Cardiovascular risk blood test

…and several other advanced and genetic evaluations.

These types of tests, as well as their highly technical analysis, simply are not available from your primary physician. As experts in longevity and preventive medicine, Fountain Life can bring you a level of care to which you ordinarily would not be exposed.

Concierge-level of Care

The differences between APEX and your regular doctor also extend to the personalized care we provide you during your year of membership.

“Not only do you get a Longevity Physician, [but] you [also] get a [Health] Care Team. You have a nurse and a nurse practitioner, a health coach, a nutritionist, to really make those changes that are needed to optimize your health,” notes Dr. Messier.

Your Longevity Physician is available to read out the results of your tests and provide you with a treatment roadmap to correct any illness and reduce disease risk. Your dedicated Longevity Physician is available to meet with you four times during the annual APEX membership to gauge your progress and make any necessary changes.

During the year, your Health Coach and nutritionist are on hand to help you make any lifestyle changes necessary to improve your condition, and to monitor your progress through your healthcare journey. Finally, you have a nurse and a nurse practitioner to provide medical guidance when your Physician is not available. A Health Care Coordinator works with you and your team to streamline communication and coordinate your contact with Fountain Life staff.

There are many reasons to choose Fountain Life and APEX to advance your healthcare goals and take control of your lifespan and healthspan. Our preventive treatments, AI-enhanced methodologies and personalized care make APEX the best choice to find underlying disease and restore your body to health and vitality.