Positive Impact of Muscle

Muscle Your Way to Optimal Health

We all know that increasing muscle mass boosts our metabolism and improves body composition. New research published in Endocrine Reviews…

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Take The Plunge

Could cold water be the fountain of youth? Increasingly, research studies are proving that cold water therapy has a host…

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Don’t Avoid the Early Signs of Memory Loss

Can’t remember your neighbor’s name? Or exactly why you went down to the basement? Or where you left your car…

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Is Alcohol Impacting Your Sleep?

Are you waking up feeling unrested or rising during the night? If so, you may want to consider skipping your…

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4 ways using a CGM can optimize your health and performance.

There’s no one diet that works for everybody. The best way to find the ideal diet for your unique metabolism…

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Why Male Infertility Matters at Any Age

Even if you are not actively trying to conceive, maintaining a healthy sperm count is a marker of overall health.…

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