Exploring MRI with AI as a Preventative Diagnostics Tool

Advancements in Artificial Intelligence are reinventing medical care and changing the way we diagnose illnesses. As Fountain Life co-founder Peter Diamandis points out in his book The Future is Faster Than you Think, “convergence of sensors, networks, and AI is upending medical diagnosis.”

One of the areas Fountain Life is most excited about is our full body MRI with AI. Our non-invasive MRI provides a head-to-toe scan, using a powerful magnetic field that allows doctors to see a 3D rendering of your body and brain. Unlike an X-ray, there are no negative effects on your body. Through convergence Fountain Life can link the MRI imaging with artificial intelligence (AI) to scan for any abnormalities or irregularities.

MRI with AI allows doctors to see, with unparalleled precision, the body, and spot abnormalities at their earliest – and usually treatable – stage. It can reveal cancer tumors before they arrive at stage 3 or 4, and even find small aneurysms in the brain. It can also show neurodegeneration and signs of blood vessels narrowing in the brain and heart, and offers imaging of all organs in the body, such as the liver and kidneys.

Annual MRI with AI Testing for Fountain Life Members

Fountain Life members can use this valuable tool annually to find illnesses in their infancy before they can cause harm. While no one wants to hear that they have cancer, finding it early saves lives. You can start treatment for cancer while it’s still at an early, highly treatable stage. Alternatively, based on findings, you may be instructed to change medications or modify your lifestyle to help prevent or reverse heart disease or even dementia!

All Fountain Life members receive an MRI scan with AI annually as part of our precision diagnostics preventative tests. Together, these annual tests play a key role in helping you live to 100 – while feeling like you’re 60.