Fountain Life Introduces Entry-Level Longevity and Proactive Health Optimization Offering

Fountain Life CORE provides a recurring, comprehensive, longevity-focused blood panel paired with expert analysis and ongoing guidance from a Fountain Life longevity physician and health coach.


LAKE NONA, Fla., May 7, 2024 — Fountain Life, an advanced diagnostics, longevity and preventative health company, today announced Fountain Life CORE, its new membership package that provides an entry point to longevity and proactive health optimization for millions of Americans.


Fountain Life is committed to enhancing and preserving each member’s quality of life throughout the aging process by identifying potential issues before they become serious health concerns. The company is creating a new kind of predictive, preventive, personalized, and data-driven healthcare. By leveraging informed AI technologies and advanced diagnostic testing to identify conditions such as cancer, cardiac, metabolic, and neurodegenerative disease at the earliest stages, Fountain Life empowers individuals to live a longer, healthier, and optimized life. 


At $2995 per year, the Fountain Life CORE membership provides a pathway for new members to prioritize their health and get started on a proactive journey toward optimized health and longevity. CORE includes quarterly blood tests that analyze dozens of biomarkers, uncovering deep insights about a member’s cardiovascular health, metabolic health, hormonal balance, inflammatory response, and nutrition levels. Each test is followed by a televisit review with a Fountain Life longevity physician who creates a customized optimization plan based on the member’s biomarker results, lifestyle, environment, and genetic factors. Between physician visits, CORE members work with a Fountain Life certified health coach to achieve the goals laid out in the customized health plan. Fountain Life’s approach is rooted in the principles of functional medicine, which includes a balance of treating symptoms while also uncovering the underlying root cause of health issues.


“Fountain Life is fundamentally changing the approach to health and longevity. We recognize that traditional primary care physicians often fall short in fully assessing health diagnostics to optimize well-being and promote longevity and typically don’t employ the root cause, functional medicine approach. With our new CORE membership, we’re opening doors to proactive health for everyone while also extending our focus on longevity. This initiative embodies our commitment to equip everyone with the resources needed for proactive health management and longevity promotion, including access to some of the most advanced diagnostic tools available.” William Kapp, MD – CEO & Founder – Fountain Life. 


The Fountain Life CORE membership is easily and conveniently managed through an exclusive Fountain Life mobile app experience.  Members can schedule blood draws and appointments with Fountain Life physicians and health coaches, monitor their test results and progress over time, and access a comprehensive library of longevity and health-related content.  In addition, a CORE membership grants individuals access to additional a la carte diagnostic testing to detect asymptomatic cardiac disease, cancer, neurodegenerative disease and metabolic dysfunction.  Fountain Life centers offer some of the most advanced health diagnostics available today, including AI-enhanced Full-Body and Brain MRI and Coronary CT Angiography.


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