Live at your Pinnacle

It’s not enough to just live longer, at Fountain Life we make it possible for you to live better so that you can live at the top of your health summit. Cutting-edge science and AI tests offer insights into finding illness earlier than ever before. As a valued Apex member, our promise to you is to be the trusted fiduciary for all your health needs. From medical, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, our primary goal is to extend lifespan while optimizing your health span.

Preventative, Predictive and Personalized Care

Welcome to preventative, predictive and personalized health care that puts you at the center of your lifelong wellness journey. Fountain Life’s Apex membership offers early detection technology, advanced treatment plans and concierge medical service. The primary goal of this membership is to find illnesses in their infancy before they can cause harm, and then provide the necessary treatments and resources to turn the table on cancer, heart disease, dementia and a host of other ailments.

Your Annual Apex Membership Includes:

Full Body and Brain MRI with AI

A snapshot of the entire body and brain, which will identify any masses or abnormalities before they become symptomatic.

AI Coronary Artery Scan

Our AI Coronary Artery Scan, also known as Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography (CCTA), allows us to accurately assess present-day heart disease risk, providing the opportunity to implement changes to prevent heart attack,heart failure, stroke and even dementia.

DEXA Bone Density Scan

Osteoporosis risk and fractures are detected as well as measuring the mineral content of bones and bone strength. Body fat and muscle mass are also determined.

4 Executive Blood Panels

Comprehensive blood work assesses kidney and liver function; vitamin, mineral and hormone levels; lipid panel and glucose makers. Four times a year this blood analysis will be conducted, and customized nutritional and lifestyle suggestions will help optimize your health and performance on an ongoing basis.

4 Review of Results

After each blood panel test, your personalized health coach will meet with you and adjust your programming and supplement recommendations according to the results obtained.

Early Cancer Detection Test

An annual screening of 50 types of cancer, more than 45 types of cancer that aren’t screened in regular testing. This multi-cancer early detection test is able to identify cancers at stage 0 to 1, permitting the luxury of proactive treatment in its infancy long before any harmful spread occurs.

Determine Your Biological Age

This epigenetic test looks at methylation markers on your DNA to predict your biological age in comparison to your chronological age, and further determine how these changes will affect your body and overall health. The test looks at over 900,000 locations on the DNA, then uses a machine learning algorithm to find correlations linked to health outcomes. Your biological age determined by this test is potentially more accurate at predicting healthspan (how healthy you are) and lifespan (how long you will live) than any previous molecular biomarker.

Whole Genome Sequencing

Sequence your DNA with whole-exome sequencing for the broadest insight possible into your DNA. This genomic testing is the first to integrate DNA sequencing data with lab values and other properties to enable us to better understand how your DNA affects your health. Using sophisticated computer algorithms, we can link the gene variations you have to peer-reviewed published papers to determine the impact of even very rare mutations. The database contains more than 350,000 associations between genomic mutations and health-related findings, making it the world’s most powerful DNA test. Performed only in Year One of your Apex Membership.

Heart Monitoring Analysis

If any flags occur as a result from the CCTA testing, your heart will be monitored throughout the year by our medical team ensuring effective treatments will reduce any risk of heart disease

Gut Microbiome Analysis

Keeping the balance between good and bad bacteria is essential for optimal immunity, digestion, and overall health. Assessing GI can be especially helpful for those who have vague symptoms that they have been unable to previously diagnose, as well as conditions including inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Concierge Physician

Access to a Fountain Life Concierge Physician to answer any medical and proactive health questions you have throughout your journey.

Health Coordinator

Contact your dedicated Fountain Life Health Coordinator for all scheduling inquiries, updates, questions and more.

Emotional Support

We recognize that preventative diagnostics can be an emotional journey for our members. That’s why, if and when disease is detected, our experienced medical team will chart out a therapeutic treatment plan and ensure that you feel safe and empowered throughout the entire process.Superior healthcare is also about providing exceptional service, which means we’ll proactively take care of all scheduling. As an Apex member, your Fountain Life Healthcare Coordinator and Concierge Physician will proactively reach out to you to thoroughly review results and ensure all medications and supplements are up-to-date based on your latest test results. Anytime you need support on your health journey, our team is available via phone, text or teleconference; we make your healthcare needs are our highest priority.

Living at the top of your health summit means having a team of longevity scientists, physicians and health experts you can count on. We’re continually reviewing the latest advances in medical research so that we can identify compelling treatments for our patients. With Fountain Life Centers soon to be located around the world, our full suite of services and medical care will be available to members no matter where their travels take them.

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